1) Book Review: Killing Jesus

Killing Jesus is another account that will be here for a while and then disappear and be forgotten. In the meantime, it will take Jesus out of the realm of fantasy and place him squarely in history, but even as it does that, it will neglect to tell why his life, his crucifixion, his resurrection are of eternal significance, a matter of his life and death and our own.

Woopedy doo. An attempt to “historicize” Jesus as a non-religious figure. Coming from the Religious Right.”

2) As Lambs in the Midst of Wolves

Over the weekend, enemies of Christ made themselves apparent by attacking his followers. One of the attacks was carried out by the Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabaab, in a Nairobi mall. The attackers killed at least 62 people, injuring 175. Witnesses say they let Muslims go free before they began shooting people. The other attack occurred at the hands of two suicide bombers in a Pakistani church of 500. 81 were killed, and 120 are wounded. The terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attack is a “splinter group” of the Pakistani Taliban.

How are believers supposed to respond to such violent opposition? From 1 Peter, let me suggest six godly reactions.

3) Isaiah’s Upcoming Mission Trip

Isaiah is probably the only seven-year-old who loves to watch sermons on his iPad. One of his favorites is the John Piper video podcast. He’ll pull them up all by himself and just sit there and watch them over and over again. One day I asked him why he liked to watch sermons so much, and he just smiled and said “happy.”

4) Can I Tell You About My Friend Jesus?

Here are the tweets about my friend Jesus. I hope he is your friend too.

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