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Audio, Handouts and Articles for Depression-Anxiety

Arizona Sunset

Below you will find audio, handouts and articles I used for three of the eight weeks in my class entitled “Fear, Anxiety and Depression.” I hope they will be useful for you.

1. Introduction and Personal Story

2. A Biblical View of the Person and How it Impacts our Depression-Anxiety Care

3. The Place of Psychiatry and Medicine in Depression-Anxiety Care


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Audio, Handouts and Articles for Depression-Anxiety

  1. Doesn’t anybody respect peace any longer?

  2. Am I reading this right? Wow!

  3. Why is nobody discussing this?

  4. Misee Harris says:

    Your article has actually proven beneficial to me. It’s extremely helpful as well as you are clearly extremely educated in this location. You have actually opened my eyes to varying views on this subject with intriguing and solid material.

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