Well, I’m married.

Since I already posted one “Sola Wednesday” listing my top 5 read posts so far of 2013, I figured I should follow up with 5 of the least read posts so far. Have you read them all?

1) They Were the Best of Times, They Were the Worst of Times

My first post. The one that started it all.

2) Love-Fueled Bible Study

My Bible Study series was largely left unread. Here is the final post in the series – have you read them all?

3) From the Vault: Thomas Cranmer

I’ve really been enjoying discovering new dead guys to post on the blog. This might be my favorite so far.

4) Languages, Part 3

I wrote a three-part series on the purpose behind studying the original Biblical languages. I really enjoyed writing this up for people to read!

5) Undeserved Grace

Sometimes I feel most in communion with God when I write, rather than speak, my prayers to Him.

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