Albert Simpson, 1843-1919

“Where sin abounded–grace abounded much more!”
Romans 5:20

God loves to take the worst of men–and make them into the most magnificent monuments of His redeeming love and grace! He loves to take the victims of Satan’s hate and the most fearful examples of his power to destroy–and use them to illustrate His divine mercy.

He loves to take the things in our own lives that have been the worst and the most vile–and to transform them so that we shall be the opposites of our former selves. The sweetest spirits–are made from the most stormy and self-willed; the mightiest faith–is created out of the wilderness of doubts and fears; the divinest love–is transformed out of stony hearts of hate and selfishness!

The grace of God is equal to the most uncongenial temperaments and to the most unfavorable circumstances. Its glory is to transform a vile sinner into a holy saint, and show to men and angels of ages yet to come, that where sin abounded–grace abounded much more!

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